SPC – Statistical Process Control

The concepts & techniques of SPC.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a standardising technique used for steering a process in a desired direction, reducing variation, increasing knowledge about the process, assessing process capability and providing performance benchmarks. This programme will cover all of the main elements of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and acts as an ideal introductory programme to the concepts and techniques. Delegates will review the key processes of SPC and will gain an understanding of how to manage the methodology to quantify and improve the performance of key processes throughout the organisation, to reduce cost, improve operational efficiency and increase customer confidence and satisfaction.

Programme Content

Overall Business Objectives & Outcomes – process focus ● effect of process performance on process cost & customer satisfaction ● management of processes not just outputs ● implications of external standards e.g. ISO 9000 series & QS 9000.

Process Management Principles – process definition ● what to control ● levels of control sensing before, during or after the event ● measuring & interpreting ● standards of performance ● exploiting improvement opportunities ● process ownership.

Overall Management Strategy for Implementation of SPC – SPC role ● control, performance, improvement ● seven operational prerequisites ● eight step implementation guidelines.

Role & Benefits of Principle Types of Control Charts – Shewhart & CUSUM ● measured data & attributes ● key role, special -v- common cause variation ● criteria for control ● basis for standardised performance measurement ● automatic test for significant improvement.

Measured Data Process – choose appropriate control chart short term studies -v- ongoing monitoring ● achieve stability ● demonstrate process potential ● capability & performance indices ● minimum requirements ● performance improvement ● establish bench mark profiles.

Attribute Data Process – establish conformance criteria ● choose appropriate control chart ● achieve stability ● measure performance ● improve performance.

This programme is directly linked to B-IT Module No BIR/214 & BIR/220